About Us

Healthy Size is the No 1 “Physician Approved” Weight Loss Clinic in SWLA.


Healthy Size Clinic carries health foods and supplements of all kinds to complement any diet.


If you need assistance in a certain area of your diet, we have supplements that safely aid in weight loss and nutrition.

Custom Programming

Our team will not only guide and encourage you to make healthier decisions, but will also provide you with body fat analysis reports to ensure that you are losing fat and not muscle.

A Different Approach To Typical Weight Loss Programs…

Healthy Size uses psychology and small achievable goals to change habits. Healthy lifestyle habits you can live with!

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Jennings: 337-824-5200 | Lake Charles: 337-429-5060

Healthy Size Clinic makes it easier than ever to lose weight and keep it off. You’ll find that our experienced staff are here for you. It’s their support that makes our program so effective.  They have all “been in your shoes”,  first hand being a patient of our program before becoming staff members!

Our clinic carries a variety of different health foods and supplements from brands that are known for quality products and ingredients. You can rest assured knowing that everything is free from animal products, petroleum, and inorganic chemicals.

We offer a range of injections that improve energy, enhance muscle growth, burn fat, reduce wrinkles, improve the immune system, and much more.

EASY AS 1-2-3

1.  Print and fill out forms
2.  Return forms and a copy of your drivers license to Healthy Size Clinic by Fax 337-429-5316 or 337-824-5292  or scan and email to healthy.size@yahoo.com
3.  Someone will contact you once the paperwork is received and discuss options and get you started with Your Customized Plan!

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We look forward to helping you to become your Healthy Size!